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pants pants pants

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come on now, sugar

Hello there. 22/F/Calif.
Admin assistant by day. Caped crusader by night. I read. I write. I pretend to be British. I like beautiful things.

I like some fandoms: Sherlock, Star Trek, Inception, Supernatural, J2, Merlin, Harry Potter. I slash.

I spend a lot of time on Tumblr. I sometimes post fanfiction here. Glorious graphics credited here.

11:11, acting, acts of piracy, alan rickman, alfonso cuarón, amy adams, andrew garfield, andy mientus, anna netrebko, arrested development, art, atonement, benedict cumberbatch, bernadette peters, bidding wars, brian/justin, broadway, carey mulligan, catcher in the rye, cee lo green, chris colfer, chris pine, clex, cock, color, dangerously low pants, darren hayes, doctor who, dominic cooper, downton abbey, draco, eating, emily blunt, emma thompson, etsy, fashion, fic, florence and the machine, frances mcdormand, freckles, funny, gael garcia bernal, genius, getting mail, glee, goat cheese, grammar, green, gregory peck, hair petting, hamlet, harry potter, hugh laurie, human rights, ikb, inception, inudendoes, italy, james mcavoy, jason mraz, jesse eisenberg, john gallagher jr., john krasinski, johnny depp, journalism, juno, kurt hummel, laughing, lea michele, mad men, magic, martin freeman, mates of state, michael cera, michael rosenbaum, miró, misfits, modern family, moon-good beautiful, movie trailers, musicals, mythology, naked chaucer, narnia, nighttimes, notcot, obsession, pablo neruda, period dramas, pervy hobbit fancying, reading, romance novels, rome, rufus wainwright, san francisco, sarcasm, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sigur rós, singing, six feet under, slash, smut, south park, spencer tracy, spring awakening, spunk ransom, star trek, stephen colbert, stephen fry, supernatural, sushi, taboo, talking, tea, the classics, the history boys, the office, the social network, the west wing, thirteen!, tom hardy, tom hollander, twelfth night, twins, veronica mars, water, weeds, when people comment, wicked, writing, zachary quinto