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13 January 2008 @ 11:49 pm
rome quotes  
as taken from some chick (or guy) at the forums at tv.com. Lovely.


Finished the first season today. It's really very, very good. Again (like Robin Hood) rather lacking in fic that appeals to me, but it really doesn't matter because the show is worth it. I just really want to see Vorenus and Pullo getting it on. I'm not even very attracted to either one of them. They're just so incredibly sweet together. If you can handle some gore, this scene is a perfect example of why they're amazing little men and amazing together. And it's an amazing show.

ETA: I think the sound goes a little off at the end. That's annoying. Sorry about that. Also, keep in mind that Vorenus and Pullo have been estranged for... okay, about an episode, but a year passes in one episode, so sometimes that's a hell of a long time. I think this was more of a month of two. Estranged because Pullo killed one of Vorenus's slaves in front of Vorenus's kids (much longer story, don't want to go there). And without Vorenus's love and support, Pullo becomes a drunkard assassin and he's in the ring being killed by those guys because he got caught killing this guy. If it weren't for the estrangement, I'm sure Pullo never would have become an assassin, but if he was going to be put to death for some other reason, Vorenus would have been on that shit, making it not happen much more swiftly than that.

Also watched "Persuasion" on the start of PBS's "Complete Jane Austen." I really don't know why they chose the versions they did. I guess because BBC did them and BBC knows best. I loved it... because I always love it because it's an amazing story, but the other version is just better. And the actors in the other version are less attractive which led me to believe that that was the BBC version. It was nice having Wentworth be all blond and boyish instead of... looking like an old, sideburny man (and played by the same fellow who plays Caesar (RIP) in Rome). But they fucked up the letter scene. It was possibly just as effective having Anne run about town trying to get to Wentworth, but having him hear her say that women love the longest when there's no hope while he's writing and then WRITING THE LETTER when she's right there in the room and then sneaking her the letter and then her reading it and it saying, "even a look" and then HER LOOKING and then him leaving and then her going outside to him... they're such private characters and it's such a private way for them to reconcile... it's beautiful. I thankfully didn't remember the perfection of that scene until after I was watching the movie, so I enjoyed it wholeheartedly at the time. Is that on youtube?

No! But a bunch of pop-song fan vids and one hilarious thing made to make it seem that Anne and Lizzy Bennet are sisters... oh, la. So funny.

We also took down Christmas today. It's actually kind of nice to have the house looking like itself and not a crazy place called Ornament Cottage.
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croakvegas: Rome: Vorenus/Pullocroakvegas on January 14th, 2008 05:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, that scene. I remember when I first saw it on TV and I was so completely dumbfounded that it was shown, I sat there with my mouth open going 'OMFG WHAT?' but it was so hardcore and awesome and sweet I went and watched it over and over again on YouTube.

Those two are INCREDIBLE, and ITA on everything you said. They're not attractive or anything but I slashed them so hardcore. Their friendship and how it develops over time is just gorgeous. Sigh. I miss that show so much.
Max: misc - saltine crackerdapixam_q on January 14th, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
I KNOW! I haven't watch season 2 yet, and for a while now I've been like writer's strike, right? So maybe... season 3 is... coming... because Wikipedia is ambiguous on the subject but then silly Kevin McKidd goes and starts another show! Which might very well be excellent, but it's not "Rome" I'll tell you that. He wears pants in it almost certainly and that breaks my heart. Oh I love them.